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New way of web-development with Drupal

Introduction: Now a days Drupal became very popular CMS around the world to build a website. Giant organizations are also involved to publish their websites using Drupal’s strategic solution science long back.
And we are the developers who worked based on the new requirements and always put our best effort to provide utmost solution.
Doing a good website should not be the single criteria. The question is what else is needed here.

There are some common factors followed by any reputed company such as
- Market study
- Provide Flaw Less Product
- Cost Effective Solution
- Unit Testing
- Performance Testing
- Vulnerability Testing

Considering all the necessary factors, we have in progress of planning to develop a tool that will perform to automate few processes like creating custom modules, prepare test case, testing and test result etc. Some FAQs: What can be done by using this module automation tool?
- Create any type of custom modules that will be fully compatible with D7 and D8
- Proper syntax & convention as per Drupal guideline
- Optimizing logical error
- Smart & User friendly interface to write custom code

What kind of benefit we can expect from this tool?
- Quickly create a module
- Runtime error detection
- Effort saving

Without knowing Drupal is it possible to use this tool?
- The answer is no, Drupal expert can able to execute this tool.

How to install this tool?
- We have planned to use D7 platform to install this tool.

Experience level: