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Git Workflow for Agile Team

Though any good team now-a-days uses version control to manage its code - mostly GIT, still they face a lot of inefficiencies in their workflows which pulls down the agility of the team. Deployment needlessly becomes a heavy exercise during end of sprints. Customers constantly complain of average or low code quality and developers fume over merge conflicts.

In this session we will go through a more efficient git workflow(not just theory but what we are following successfully in Srijan for over an year now) to improve your team's performance and efficiency.

If you can relate to any one of the following deployment challenges: -
  • Maintaining code quality is difficult
  • Peer code reviews are infrequent
  • Quite a time spent in solving merge conflicts
  • In-progress features pushed to staging/prod
  • Pushing an urgent feature or hotfix on prod cleanly during an ongoing sprint becomes a headache
  • Tracing feature-wise code deployment isn't easy
this session is for you.

Topics that will be covered are:-
  • Basic Git workflow and why not to follow that
  • Code Reviews with Git and Github
  • Frequent Deployment
  • Tag vs branch on Production
  • Tag naming Convention
  • Feature wise deployment

Basic git knowledge
Experience level: