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Site building features in Drupal8

The session will be focussed on configuration aspects of Drupal 8 which we will get out of the box and needs zero coding. Covers up basics site building techniques in Drupal 8   Demoing new features included in core like inline editing, ckeditor, views etc.   Brief theoritical details on changes in site building features in Drupal 8 from Drupal 7.   Will demo building a basic drupal 8 site which covers most of advance features in Drupal 8

Managing Code, Content and Configuration across multiple environments in Drupal 7

This session is advisable for Intermediate and advanced developers, project managers, site builders and content editors / executives to give overview on how to overcome on traditional deployment techniques of code, content and configuration management across multiple environments and discussing commonly faced problems during execution of same.

Managing Configuration in Drupal 8 : CMI

One of the most anticipated features of D8 is the Configuration Management Initiative, which aims to solve the well-known problem of "how do I deploy changes I made in my admin interface?" CMI is the core initiative that allowed configuration to export/import inside  .yml files from/to the database, separating it from content. This makes it possible to do content staging; to version control, import, and export configuration. CMI does all these things in a uniform way.

Drupal Performance Secret Sauce - 50 Tricks and Tips

Who doesn't want their drupal sites to run faster? The common misconception is that Drupal performance is a tough nut to crack. This session will try to address this misconception and many other myths surrounding Drupal Performance Tuning. We will discuss 50 Tricks and Tips in Total Myths about Drupal Performance  Thumb Rules of Caching. Drupal Modules for Caching. Site Settings for better performance. Caching in Code. Caching for authenticated users.  

Drupal 8 Multilingual Awesomeness and What's New!

There is an amazing set of new features in Drupal 8 and  Drupal was never as multilingual as Drupal 8 is! In this session I will be covering all the new features and improvements in Multilingual Drupal 8.