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Drupal UI Best Practices by Drupal UI Expert

This session will describe the best practices, Dos and Don'ts of Drupal theming. It will cover in some detail the use of Sass, modernizer and grid-system for making scalable and manageable theming system. The key points would be as follows: How to get started? Theme coding conventions Recommended starter themes

Drupal 8 and 7 - Ajax framework, ctools extended modal popups, and creating custom commands

From the Form API that started in Drupal 4, Drupal 8 has a lot of changes from straight HTML markup to renderable arrays that can attach assets, Javascript settings, images, caching, HTTP headers, and many other features that would be impossible in the Drupal 4-5 era. Drupal 7 introduced massive changes in renderable arrays, which are the essentially base of Drupal 8's headless Drupal initiative and making it possible for other modules to alter the markup in a deeper level.


A NEW MOBILE FOCUS FOR DRUPAL 8 - ONBOARDED A brief history Drupal 7 version Old school legacy systems - Viewport Polyfill and some pitfalls Invention of Drupal 8 Why do we need this Performance benefits Adaptive Vs responsive design Evolution of the picture tag Drupal8 + responsive Breakpoints - What it is and how it works Browsers support in Drupal 8 Optimizing for IE

Drupal 8 Theme Creation And The Twig

Drupal 8 will have a awesome new template engine (Twig) and a simple theme layer. We'll show you the new syntax and walk through how you can create your own theme using Twig engine Drupal theme  basic concept Separation of business logic and presentation.
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