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A Handful guide to review the project application

This session is intended for Drupalers who would want to get a "vetted" git user access on for publishing full projects. Some of things that we will discuss in the session with live example of reviewing a project application: Project application checklist Project application review template Things to consider during reviewing a project application Tips to get your reviews on your application.

Managing Code, Content and Configuration across multiple environments in Drupal 7

This session is advisable for Intermediate and advanced developers, project managers, site builders and content editors / executives to give overview on how to overcome on traditional deployment techniques of code, content and configuration management across multiple environments and discussing commonly faced problems during execution of same.

Hack Proof Your Drupal Site

This session is intended for Drupalers who would want to avoid security loop holes while writing code or architecting solutions. We will delve into common security issues that ails custom code and will use practical examples using both vulnerable and secure code snippets. This session will mostly about my encounters and experience after doing 30+ project application reviews and could also serve as a good guideline for new contributors.

Drupal Development Environments

I’ll talk about setting up various types of development environments suited for Drupal, particularly vagrant based virtual setups.
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