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Drupal 8 Theme Creation And The Twig

Drupal 8 will have a awesome new template engine (Twig) and a simple theme layer. We'll show you the new syntax and walk through how you can create your own theme using Twig engine Drupal theme  basic concept Separation of business logic and presentation.

Drupal Development Environments

I’ll talk about setting up various types of development environments suited for Drupal, particularly vagrant based virtual setups.

PHP - Then, Now and Soon

PHP has made possible many of the awesome frameworks and CMS’s in use today. Because of these software, PHP enjoys being one of the most widely used programming languages. But PHP did not have such a bright childhood. We’ll discuss how PHP grew up to be one of the most popular languages and is turning mature for large scale applications. In particular, we will discuss how Drupal 8 is opening up to the modern PHP world.  

My first Drupal 8 module: step-by-step example

Every developer needs examples/helps to start at some point. This session will explain a step by step guide to start with D8 module development. Key items of the sessions will be :   Background.   Naming and placing your Drupal 8 module.   Let Drupal 8 know about your module.   Plugin system in Drupal8.   Creating your own schema.   Create own custom block. Live example of RSVP module and ready to use.   Who should attend this:  Developers

Drupal 8 Multilingual Awesomeness and What's New!

There is an amazing set of new features in Drupal 8 and  Drupal was never as multilingual as Drupal 8 is! In this session I will be covering all the new features and improvements in Multilingual Drupal 8.