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Configuration schema in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 comes with a configuration system and out-of-box deployment process. This session covers: 1. What is configuration + Configuration schema 2. Configuration in Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8 2. How to write configuration schema for your configuration 3. Configuration Translation module 4. Config inspector, Viewception & beyond This session will be presented on Hangout on Air.

Drupal – a powerful tool to build E-Commerce site

Now a days online shopping is very popular among the users. This kind of web site is generally known as ecommerce site. Generally Drupal is popular as a very powerful CMS. Apart from this CMS feature there are some other features which can be as powerful as CMS. This presentation will describe one of these kinds of feature which is E-Commerce. So basically we can consider Drupal is a complete solution for the site having content and ecommerce together.

New way of web-development with Drupal

Introduction: Now a days Drupal became very popular CMS around the world to build a website. Giant organizations are also involved to publish their websites using Drupal’s strategic solution science long back. And we are the developers who worked based on the new requirements and always put our best effort to provide utmost solution. Doing a good website should not be the single criteria. The question is what else is needed here. There are some common factors followed by any reputed company such as - Market study - Provide Flaw Less Product

Eclipse Usage for Drupal Sites

This session will give users an idea how effectively we can use Eclipse with Drupal.   Eclipse has many add-ons and extensions that make Drupal site development Cakewalk. adhere to Drupal coding standards, use syntax highlighting (very, very helpful in any coding language!) recognize Drupal files as PHP code, make sure that spaces are used instead of tabs, and make sure that the files have the right encoding (Unix) so they can be committed to the Drupal repositories.    Agenda

Git Workflow for Agile Team

Though any good team now-a-days uses version control to manage its code - mostly GIT, still they face a lot of inefficiencies in their workflows which pulls down the agility of the team. Deployment needlessly becomes a heavy exercise during end of sprints. Customers constantly complain of average or low code quality and developers fume over merge conflicts.

Hack Proof Your Drupal Site

This session is intended for Drupalers who would want to avoid security loop holes while writing code or architecting solutions. We will delve into common security issues that ails custom code and will use practical examples using both vulnerable and secure code snippets. This session will mostly about my encounters and experience after doing 30+ project application reviews and could also serve as a good guideline for new contributors.

Drupal 8 and 7 - Ajax framework, ctools extended modal popups, and creating custom commands

From the Form API that started in Drupal 4, Drupal 8 has a lot of changes from straight HTML markup to renderable arrays that can attach assets, Javascript settings, images, caching, HTTP headers, and many other features that would be impossible in the Drupal 4-5 era. Drupal 7 introduced massive changes in renderable arrays, which are the essentially base of Drupal 8's headless Drupal initiative and making it possible for other modules to alter the markup in a deeper level.

Managing Configuration in Drupal 8 : CMI

One of the most anticipated features of D8 is the Configuration Management Initiative, which aims to solve the well-known problem of "how do I deploy changes I made in my admin interface?" CMI is the core initiative that allowed configuration to export/import inside  .yml files from/to the database, separating it from content. This makes it possible to do content staging; to version control, import, and export configuration. CMI does all these things in a uniform way.


A NEW MOBILE FOCUS FOR DRUPAL 8 - ONBOARDED A brief history Drupal 7 version Old school legacy systems - Viewport Polyfill and some pitfalls Invention of Drupal 8 Why do we need this Performance benefits Adaptive Vs responsive design Evolution of the picture tag Drupal8 + responsive Breakpoints - What it is and how it works Browsers support in Drupal 8 Optimizing for IE

Drupal 8 and Object Oriented Programming

In Drupal 7 and before, developer was largely scraped along with basic procedural PHP programming. While object oriented programming itself has been around for decades, many of the concepts and paradigms are new to Drupal 8. The transition from procedural to object-oriented is likely to be hard, especially for developers who are new to object-oriented. This session will give enough idea to get you started.