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Drupal – a powerful tool to build E-Commerce site

Now a days online shopping is very popular among the users. This kind of web site is generally known as ecommerce site. Generally Drupal is popular as a very powerful CMS. Apart from this CMS feature there are some other features which can be as powerful as CMS. This presentation will describe one of these kinds of feature which is E-Commerce. So basically we can consider Drupal is a complete solution for the site having content and ecommerce together.

New way of web-development with Drupal

Introduction: Now a days Drupal became very popular CMS around the world to build a website. Giant organizations are also involved to publish their websites using Drupal’s strategic solution science long back. And we are the developers who worked based on the new requirements and always put our best effort to provide utmost solution. Doing a good website should not be the single criteria. The question is what else is needed here. There are some common factors followed by any reputed company such as - Market study - Provide Flaw Less Product

What it takes to become an entrepreneur from a drupal freelancer

I have seen in past that entrepreneurs play a significant role in any technical community to grow. Entrepreneurs success inspires other to dive in and do something phenomenal. Most of us have been in dilemma to take a further step. In this session, I would be talking about my experience as an entrepreneur and highlight some points which can help a wannabe entrepreneur to take a call. Characteristics of an entrepreneur Who am I? Borrowed passion Journey of an entrepreneur Role of failures in success

How Scrum enables you to win large Drupal Projects

Scrum has been a centre of attraction in the IT industry since quite some time, but it is important to understand and convey to your client about the ROI on Scrum. Understanding customer and his pain points are even more important than anything else. As an Scrum enthusiast in this session, I will help you see the scrum from your client’s perspective.

Drupal for Products: A smart choice

In every Drupalcamp, general gatherings or Startup meets, I have come across a common question - Is Drupal good enough for building products? Many quote some random blogs for Drupal being good only for publishing media and others have very vague notion of how to decide between Drupal and other available technologies.