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What's cooking for Day 2, Feb 8, at #DCM2015?

Codesprint and Hackathon at #DCM2015

Day 2, Feb 8 at #DCM2015 is chock-a-block with hands-on codesprints run by experienced coordinators and Drupal experts. It is a fantastic opportunity for developers of all skill levels to test their mettle agains their peers.

Please make sure to pre-register for Codesprint or Hackathon in your user profile! Seats are limited. You can sign up by registering or logging on to your user account and checking Codesprint or Hackathon in your profile.


For: Drupal Newcomers, Students

What will be covered:

  • Introduction to basic concepts like git and environment setup for Drupal.
  • Awareness about Drupal Community & how easy it is to get support from the community.
  • Get introduced with mentors & can stay in touch with them to keep contributing back.



  • Rockstar contributors from #DrupalMumbai and #DrupalPune


Hackathon Partner:

For: Drupal Skilled and above is working on creating the biggest geek network in the world. Here geeks can come learn, share their experience and also connect. India being blessed with the most number of web developers in the world, makes it the right place to start this community which is for the geeks, by the geeks and of the geeks. As a part of this goal, we have organized and continue to organise various events across India with partners like Microsoft, Github among others. Codejedi under the banner of Codeniti a social Non-Profit organisation has organised hackathons across many places in India which was featured as one of the the top ten hackathons to attend globally in 2014. In our endeavour to grow together, we will be conducting a hackathon with the entire Drupal community here in Mumbai.

This is an opportunity for you to participate, connect and learn with the best Drupal developers in the country. Unfortunately we have a limited entry for the Hackathon, therefore we request you to go out there and register yourself at your earliest and be a part of this tech extravaganza, the biggest Drupal event Mumbai has ever witnessed.

More details on agenda and structure here -

Community Summit

Community Summit on day 2 to discuss Drupal Mumbai initiatives, challenges, ideas and suggestions with community members and Plan 2015. This is the meetup of meetups on getting involved with the Drupal Mumbai community and get in on the fun!