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Featured Speakers and Expert Sessions at #DCM2015

Expert Sessions and Presentations

Meet the featured speakers at #DCM2015

For: Entire gamut of Drupal Personas (Read all about Drupal Personas)

#DCM2015 will feature expert sessions for developers, site builders, themers, devops, admins, project managers, growth hackers and business owners. These sessions are the meat of the event on Day 1. A mix of featured (invited) and proposed (community) sessions will be presented designed to help Drupal newcomers & experts alike to master concepts in Drupal site building, backend config & performance enhancement, DevOps best practices, analytics and tools, front-end and theming, responsive and mobile design best practices and much more.

Featured Presenters at #DCM2015

Continuing with the DrupalCamp tradition of inviting a few well know Drupalers, this #DCM2015 there will be four featured sessions by some of the most active contributors in the Drupal Community in India.

We are proud to have with us:

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