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#DCM2015 All Expert Sessions Announced and Slotted!

All expert sessions, special sessions, workshops, panels have been finalized and slotted in the schedule: Check

Congratulations to speakers of the accepted sessions.

Those whose sessions didn't make it, thank you for a commedable effort and participation. Don't despair. You can still slot them in the BoF slots on event Day 1! (What's the heck is a BoF?). On day 2, we have a Community Summit scheduled for almost the entire day. This is open to anyone passionate about sharing their experiences on community building.

Thank you to our judges in helping out with evaluating the awesome proposals we received this year:

We used the following criteria to evaluate the sessions:

  • Topical Relevancy (Fresher and more current the better)
  • Originality / Uniqueness of Content (Shouldn't be another how-to/tutorial easily available online)
  • Thoroughness of preperation and presentation (Must demonstrate serious thought and effort by presenter)
  • Depth of Content (How much real value can it provide to the audience?)
  • Speaker Experience (check d.o. / LinkedIn)

Thank you all and see you on Saturday, Feb 7. Rock on #DCM2015