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PHP - Then, Now and Soon

PHP has made possible many of the awesome frameworks and CMS’s in use today. Because of these software, PHP enjoys being one of the most widely used programming languages. But PHP did not have such a bright childhood. We’ll discuss how PHP grew up to be one of the most popular languages and is turning mature for large scale applications. In particular, we will discuss how Drupal 8 is opening up to the modern PHP world.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to understand how PHP is evolving and how Drupal is keeping up.

  • History of PHP

    • Separate Projects

    • None or little collaboration

    • Extremely difficult to reuse

    • PEAR for reusability

  • PHP Renaissance

    • Namespaces and autoloading

    • PHP-FIG

    • PSR’s

      • PSR-0, PSR-4

      • PSR-1, PSR-2

      • Upcoming PSR’s

    • composer

  • Drupal and other components

    • composer

      • Workflow

    • Symfony components

      • HTTP Kernel

      • Dependency Injection

    • Other components

      • PHPUnit

  • Other Components

    • symfony/yaml

    • symfony/event-dispatcher

    • symfony/validator

    • Others

  • The Future

    • Composer driven workflow

    • Component future

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