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Managing Configuration in Drupal 8 : CMI

One of the most anticipated features of D8 is the Configuration Management Initiative, which aims to solve the well-known problem of "how do I deploy changes I made in my admin interface?"

CMI is the core initiative that allowed configuration to export/import inside  .yml files from/to the database, separating it from content. This makes it possible to do content staging; to version control, import, and export configuration. CMI does all these things in a uniform way.

This capability replaces the need for various contributed modules such   as Features and Strongarm.

We will discuss why, what and how's of the CMI

  1) Types of Information on Drupal Site




  2) Problems with "feature driven workflow"  for managing configuration in previous verisons  of drupal

  3) How CMI solves the configuration management problem

         Separating Configuration from Content

         Provides uniform and consistent way for storing configuration

         Making Configuration to be exportable inside .yml files

  4) Types of Configuration

            Simple Configuration

            Config Entity

  5) Live Demonstration

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