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Managing Code, Content and Configuration across multiple environments in Drupal 7

This session is advisable for Intermediate and advanced developers, project managers, site builders and content editors / executives to give overview on how to overcome on traditional deployment techniques of code, content and configuration management across multiple environments and discussing commonly faced problems during execution of same.

Session will give deep overview on need of configuration management, how to manage code, content and configuration using Features, Deploy and other helper modules for smoother, easy and happy workflow for managing Drupal 7 website deployment across multiple environments.

What we will cover under this session:

  • Traditional deployment strategies
  • Code, content, configuration and their workflow in deployment process
  • Need of configuration management and challenges
  • What is a feature? Why one should use features?
  • Overview of features helper modules for managing various configurations
  • Managing, debugging and troubleshooting features?
  • Limitations of features module and options for deploying content
  • Managing content updates and workflow using Deploy
  • Notable modules used along with Deploy
  • Planning Code, configuration management and content Deployment in typical Drupal 7 project



  • Demo on creating feature to manage configuration
  • Demo on deploying content using deploy across multiple environments
  • Demo on site building using Feature



What’s your gain after session?

  • How to Create and Manage Features for managing different configurations
  • How to Deploy content using Deploy module
  • Tips, Trick and Learning’s
  • How using Features will help your team?
  • How using Deploy will help your team?


Who should attend this?

  • Advanced developers
  • Project managers who want to implement better Go live strategies
  • Site builders
  • Content editors / Content executives who want to control Content publishing over production


  • Drupal 7 site building experience


Experience level: