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Drupal User To Contributor : A Definitive Guide

The session is for everyone : Beginners, Developers, Themers, Project Managers, Business owners, and how contributing helps everyone to grow.

Session Agenda:

  1. What is OpenSource? And its benifits?
  2. How to get started?
    • Community interactions : come for the software, stay for the community.
    • DrupalAnswers StackExchange site.
    • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and different channels.
  3. Issue Queue
    • Wireframe of an issue queue. What goes where?
    • Fields in an issue queue : version, category, componant, priority, etc.
    • Use of the browser extension dreditor in issue queue while reviewing.
  4. Contributing to projects: Modules, themes, distributions
    1. Contributing to existing projects
    2. Creating new projects
    3. Process of getting a "vetted" git user access on for publishing full projects.
  5. Follow up the issues (maintaining the issue queue).
  6. Contributions to Drupal Core
    1. Some figures of number of critical issues, blockers, number of contributors, etc.
    2. Drupal ladder model for getting involved with core.
    3. D8 Core initiatives
  7. Leveraging the help available
    1. Core office hours
    2. Local / Global sprints - things we do in a sprint
    3. Global traning days
  8. Dealing with Feedback
  9. Maintaining momentum.

NOTE: This session was presented in DrupalCamp Pune 2014 (slides : The figures about contribution are old and would be updated for the actual session.


Session Tracks (DrupalCamp Mumbai)