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Drupal 8 Theme Creation And The Twig

Drupal 8 will have a awesome new template engine (Twig) and a simple theme layer. We'll show you the new syntax and walk through how you can create your own theme using Twig engine

Drupal theme  basic concept

Separation of business logic and presentation.

  •  Explain About theme engine TWIG AND Php template.
  •    Theme difference between D6,D7 and D8
  • Turn on debug mode in twig template
  •  Go through with each twig file page.twig,html.twig,region.twig(Go through with each and every template )
  •  Replacement of markup from D7 to D8
  •  Creation of basic theme
    •    Creation of region
    •    Overriding basic theme files
    •    Folder structure
    •    Explanation of info.yml.,libraries.yml and breakpoint.yml and their use
    •    Handling variables in twig
    •    Default variables
    •    Handling if and loop structure
  •   Write your own template file with twig
  •   Adding custom template to function·        
  •   Playing with twig functions and tweaks
  •    Q&A
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