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Organising Committee

#DCM2015 Organising Committee

DrupalCamp Mumbai is a result of commitment by a these amazing group of contributors to take the Drupal community in Mumbai (and India) to the stratosphere. They have all put in endless hours and passion to build the Drupal community in Mumbai and beyond.

Lead Organisers:

Rachit Gupta: rachit_gupta - Event Planning, Strategy & Management, Hospitality & Administration, Logistics, Outreach

Ani Gupta: AniG Event Planning, Strategy & Management,  Outreach, Communication, Sponsorship, Branding & Creatives, Social Media Promotions, Marketing Strategy

Gobinath Mallaiyan: gobinathm - Web & IT , Event Planning, Strategy & Management

P Sunthar: p.sunthar Venue and Facilities, Student Outreach , Event Planning and Strategy , Media Outreach

VISHAL GALA: vishalgala - Logistics, Accounts & Finance, Vendor Management


Bappa Sarkar: bappa.sarkar - Web & IT

Jasper Levi: jasperlevi Branding and Creatives, Marketing Strategy, Communication

Abhijeet Ghosh - abghosh82 Hospitality and Administration

Satish Ayyapam  - Hospitality and Administration

Vikrant Ramteke - Vikrant Ramteke Hospitality and Administration

Amol Tatkare - amol_tatkare Web & IT , Event and Programme , Venue and Facilities

Surendra Mohan - surendramohan Hospitality and Administration

Nasir Malik - nasirm Press and Media engagement


Harshil Maradiya - harshil.maradiya Web & IT

Jyoti Patil - Creatives Support

Pawan Dubey - Web & IT, Creatives

Dinesh Waghmare - dineshw  Web & IT

Organisational SPOCs

Abhijeet Ghosh - abghosh82 Capgemini

Nidhi Badani - nidhi.badani TCS

Sagar Ramgade - Sagar.Ramgade Trigyn

Ashish Dalvi - Ashish.Dalvi Blisstering Solutions

Rina Shah - rinashah    Acelin Creations

Vivek Saurabh - vivek.saurabh iKsula


If you are interesting in becoming a Organization SPOC or a volunteer for Drupal Mumbai, please reach out to us on:

Twitter: @DrupalMumbai