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Drupal Mumbai

Drupal Mumbai started back in September 2012 as the Drupal Mumbai Meetup Group (DMMG), with an objective to revive and strengthen the local Drupal community in Mumbai. Since then over 240 members have joined the group and we have conducted more than 28 community events with an average of two per month. 

DMMG’s primary purpose is to build and foster a strong community of Drupal and open source contributors in and around the Mumbai region. We invite and welcome Drupal enthusiasts, newbies, designers and hackers, businesses and marketeers to join us.

This group is not to be leveraged for personal and commercial gain in any manner that goes against community spirit of the open source movement. We follow the definition of open source set forth by the Open Source Initiative. We expect the members of the groups to adhere to the Drupal Mission and Principles

We believe in a community where all members all active participants and collaborators.


You can engage with us on: 

Membership and Code of Conduct: 

This is an open group and there is no membership fee. However registration is required and subject to final administrator approval. There may be fees for paid workshops and events as per the event’s requirement. This is a technology group so members would need to have a knowledge of Drupal at some level.


Events held in 2012-2013

Drupal Mumbai Group have conducted more than 28 events in the span of 15 months time. Below are the kind of events we have conducted 

  • Training sessions on “Introduction to Drupal” on Global training days.
  • Trainings and Workshops on different Drupal topics , both beginner and advanced levels.
  • Code Sprints*
  • DrupalCamp Mumbai 
  • Drupal Trainings for College students 

*Sponsored by the Drupal Association.

Future Roadmap

Our plans for 2014 is to take Drupal Mumbai Group to the next level with the focus on further strengthening the Drupal community with highly effective and high valua events, workshops and summits for students, Drupal users, developers and companies. 

Some of the items on the roadmap for 2014. 

  • Launch of 
  • Quarterly major event on the lines of a busines summit
  • Regsitering DrupalMumbai as a non-profit organization
  • Strengthening the student community with active outreach in partnership with Drupal Campus Ambassador Program in partnership with the Drupal.Associtation for Involving Students at grass root level.
  • Involving more Drupal Companies and proactive outreach and engagement


Some Fun Moments From Past Events

The first ever DMMG meetup
The first DMMG meetup


Dries at DCM11
Dries at DrupalCamp Mumbai 2011


Jacob Singh of Acquia being mentored by a young Drupaler :)
Jacob being mentored by a young Drupaler :)


DCM 2012 Group Pic
DCM 2012 Group Picture