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DCM2015 Details

DrupalCamp Mumbai 2015

DrupalCamps have been an integral part of the Drupal Community ecosystem. These premier regional events are key to fostering the Drupal community at the local level. We are seeking to make DrupalCamp Mumbai to be the gold standard of Drupal events for the Drupal community in India.

DrupalCamps are are premier regional events held worldwide, supported by the Drupal Association. Like, DrupalCon, Drupal community’s flagship annual event organised by Drupal Association in North America and Europe, these are designed for open source supporters interested in learning, sharing and contributing to the Drupal project. DrupalCamps promote knowledge sharing and get active contributors working to evolve Drupal’s powerful web experience platform. The purpose of this event is to bring students, developers, architects, managers, businesses and organisations on a singular platform to network, interact and share openly with each other, and help strengthen the community at large.

NEWSFLASH: Plans are already underway by Drupal Association to bring DrupalCon to India in 2016!

Here are some of the highlights of DCM2014 -

The latest #DCM2015 Program Schedule is here:

Keynote By Mike Lamb: Drupal Future - The Future Won’t Wait

For: Everyone attending #DCM2015

Mike Lamb, Director Marketing Technology Strategy at Pfizer and Drupal Association Board Member kicks off  with a keynote on:

“Drupal Future: The Future Won’t Wait. Making Technology serve People through Processes and how this relates to Drupal 8 and to you!”

About Mike Lamb

Mike Lamb is the Director of Marketing Technology Strategy at Pfizer, where he is responsible for the technical strategy and implementation of Pfizer’s Global Digital Marketing Platform. Mike is also a currently service member of the board at Drupal Association.

The Pfizer Digital Platform has been developed over the past three years and hosts 1,000-plus websites deployed to more than 50 countries. The platform embraces continuous delivery methodologies, scaling to the digital demands of a global organisation. The Drupal platform is a foundational component, driving rapid innovation and cost savings by assembling web experiences using reusable components.

For the past 10 years, Mike has built and led successful teams at Wyeth and Pfizer, implementing leading multichannel marketing initiatives in markets around the world. He has held roles at the local, regional, and global levels, based in the UK, Austria, and the US.

Before joining the pharmaceutical industry, Mike worked on the agency side, implementing a range of open source technologies across multiple industries.

Q&A and Livestreaming

If you have a question for Mike during the keynote, please tweet your question using the hashtag #DCM2015QA @drupalMumbai

We shall be livestreaming the keynote and QA on Hangout on Air. If you are joining in remotely, you can join the broadcast at -

Expert Sessions and Presentations

For: Entire gamut of Drupal Personas

Read all about Drupal Personas

#DCM2015 will feature expert sessions for developers, site builders, themers, devops, admins, project managers, growth hackers and business owners. These sessions are the meat of the event on Day 1. A mix of featured (invited) and proposed (community) sessions will be presented designed to help Drupal newcomers & experts alike to master concepts in Drupal site building, backend config & performance enhancement, DevOps best practices, analytics and tools, front-end and theming, responsive and mobile design best practices and much more.

There will be four featured sessions by some of the most well known members and active contributors in the Drupal Community in India.

We are going to record all popular sessions and make them available on our YouTube channel -

Drupal-In-A-Day Workshop and Training

For: Drupal Newcomers and Students

This is for all those who are curious about the Drupal platform and want to know how to use it for their needs. This unique 1.5 day long series of workshops will give participants a rock solid foundation to build their Drupal skills, from setting up their account to actually setting up a working version of Drupal!

For details on what will be covered see


  • Amol Tatkare and team from TCS, Mumbai on Day 1 for Drupal Newcomers and Students

Please make sure to sign up for Drupal In A Day in your user profile! Seats are limited. You can sign up by registering or logging on to your user account and checking one of the workshops in your profile.

Free Interactive Drupal Workshops

There shall be two free workshops on offer on Day 1

Workshop 1: Porting D7 modules to D8

For: Drupal Skilled, Experts, Masters

What will be covered:

  • Major Api changes that have happened/happening in Drupal 8.
  • Reasons/initiatives behind changes.
  • What advantages does Drupal 8 system provides over Drupal 7.
  • Code walkthrough for a D7 contrib module to Drupal 8 - Approach, brainstorming, re-architecting, implementing Api changes.
  • Tools helpful to write & debug Drupal 8 code.


  • Working instance of Drupal 8 setup. Use instructions available at
  • IRC client. Instructions available at
  • Dreditor (Nice to have) -


Please make sure to sign up for Workshop 1 in your user profile! Seats are limited. You can sign up by registering or logging on to your user account and checking one of the workshops in your profile.

Workshop 2: Headless Drupal

For: Drupal Skilled, Experts, Masters. Mobile App developers


Build a mobile app with Drupal as the backend aka Headless Drupal.

What will be covered:

  1. What is headless Drupal
  2. Current state of headless in Drupal
  3. A brief comparison of existing alternatives in Drupal for headless
  4. Building a basic Drupal backend
  5. Creating RESTful endpoints
  6. Building our first ionic app
  7. User Authentication and more

Prerequisites :

  1. Basic Drupal knowledge.
  2. Interest in headless and mobile development.

Good to have :

  1. Prior experience of using Services or any headless modules.
  2. Javascript exposure.
  3. Basic knowledge of mobile development and generic frameworks for mobile.


Please make sure to sign up for Workshop 2 in your user profile! Seats are limited. You can sign up by registering or logging on to your user account and checking one of the workshops in your profile.

CXO Roundtable

For: Invited heads and decision makers of premier Drupal organisations only

This is a unique forum for business leaders, CXOs, decision makers, department heads, entrepreneurs, marketers and from all premier Drupal companies and users to get together in an open panel and engage in transparent discussions around the business, delivery and related challenges of using and deploying Drupal. This is a unique opportunity to interact with peers face-to-face in a supportive and productive setting of the DrupalCamp.

Projects Showcase

For: Anyone interested the amazing range of Drupal projects

Barcamp-style rapid-fire interactive presentations by anyone who wants to showcase their work, engage with the Drupal community at large, ask questions and share knowledge.

Drupal & Open Source in Gov and Edu

For: Anyone interested in open source proliferation in the Gov and Edu domains in India

A group of luminaries working with open source and Drupal in the Gov and Edu domains in India will:

  • Discuss the awareness, adoption, and efforts to proliferate open source technologies, with an emphasis on the Drupal platform.
  • Share the challenges Gov and Edu institutions face in each of the above phases.
  • Propose possible ways to overcome the challenges and to engage with Drupal businesses in building a healthy ecosystem of FOSS.


  • P Sunthar, IIT Bombay. Moderator
  • Sharat Chandran, Head ASC, IITB
  • Prabhu Ramachandran, FOSSEE, IITB
  • P Balasubramanian, OTG, NIC, Chennai
  • Venkatesh Hariharan (Venky)
  • Varun Rattan Singh, e-Gov entrepreneur
  • Thomas P. Thomas, CEO, Zyxware

More details on Panelists available here -

Birds of Feather (BoFs)

These are informal discussions, for Drupalers to engage with like-minded folk and discuss or present a specific topic you are passionate about. These can also be used to make presentations and by speakers whose didn't get selected in the scheduled slots. We have a dedicated room for BoF at the venue. We can also add new rooms if the demand is high on Day 1. We will follow the basic barcamp rules to participate in present BoF at #DCM2015. There will be a whiteboard available where you can go an add your session to an available slot. 

Join in and you will see the passion with which us Drupalers roll!


Day 2 is chock-a-block with hands-on codesprints run by experienced coordinators and Drupal experts. It is a fantastic place for developers of all skill levels to test their mettle agains their peers.

Community Summit - Day 2

Community Summit on day 2 to discuss Drupal Mumbai initiatives, challenges, ideas and suggestions with community members and Plan 2015


For: Drupal Newcomer, Students

What will be covered:

  • Introduction to basic concepts like git and environment setup for Drupal.
  • Awareness about Drupal Community & how easy it is to get support from the community.
  • Get introduced with mentors & can stay in touch with them to keep contributing back.


Please make sure to sign up for Codesprint in your user profile! Seats are limited. You can sign up by registering or logging on to your user account and checking one of the workshops in your profile.


Hackathon Partner:

For: Drupal Skilled and above is working on creating the biggest geek network in the world. Here geeks can come learn, share their experience and also connect. India being blessed with the most number of web developers in the world, makes it the right place to start this community which is for the geeks, by the geeks and of the geeks. As a part of this goal, we have organized and continue to organise various events across India with partners like Microsoft, Github among others. Codejedi under the banner of Codeniti a social Non-Profit organisation has organised hackathons across many places in India which was featured as one of the the top ten hackathons to attend globally in 2014. In our endeavour to grow together, we will be conducting a hackathon with the entire Drupal community here in Mumbai.

This is an opportunity for you to participate, connect and learn with the best Drupal developers in the country. Unfortunately we have a limited entry for the Hackathon, therefore we request you to go out there and register yourself at your earliest and be a part of this tech extravaganza, the biggest Drupal event Mumbai has ever witnessed.

More details on Agenda and Structure here -

Please make sure to sign up for Hackathon in your user profile! Seats are limited. You can sign up by registering or logging on to your user account and checking one of the workshops in your profile.

There is so much more!

#DCM2015 is designed to be an amazing networking platform. You will get to meet the best of the best in the Drupal development domain, experts who are contributing to this amazing community. You will learn about the power of the Drupal community and what you can do to be a part. If you are looking for career options, there will not be a better platform for you to come and meet with the top Drupal companies. Today, a skilled Drupal developer is an extremely valuable resource and can command a premium price from a plethora of organizations and companies looking for such talent.

Above all, you will witness the unadultered energy and power of this awesome open source community!

Who should attend? #DCM2015 is the biggest and most fun gathering of Drupalers in the country.

For businesses this will be a perfect platform to scout talent and raise their brand’s awareness. Networking opportunities will allow you to prospect alliances, and understand the rapidly growing Drupal landscape.

  • Developers, designers, site builders, project managers and hackers can network with the top companies, their peers and experts in Drupal today. You can sharpen your skills at workshops, solve problems and become an active contributor to at the codesprints.
  • For startups, consultants, and enthusiasts, there is no better networking and prospecting platform than DCM2015, be it for new projects or looking for technical advice from experts.
  • Wordpress, Joomla, PHP developers, students or anyone into open source and Drupal, will especially find DCM2015 an eye-opening experience. If you know someone who is interested, bring them along or ask them to attend!
  • For everyone it is a great way to become part of the most exciting, fastest growing and dynamic open source communities and become a contributing member.

Lets not forget all the fun and free giveaways to be had, and new friends to be made!