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Drupal and Open Source in Government and Education


  1. To discuss the awareness, adoption, and efforts to proliferate open source technologies, with an emphasis on the Drupal platform and web development in Government and Educational Institutions in India.

  2. To share the challenges Gov and Edu institutions face in each of the above phases.

  3. To propose possible ways to overcome the challenges and to engage with Drupal businesses in building a healthy ecosystem of FOSS.

Keynote by Mike Lamb at #DCM2015

Drupal Future: The Future Won't Wait - Keynote by Mike Lamb at #DCM2015

“Drupal Future: The Future Won’t Wait”

For: Everyone attending #DCM2015

Mike Lamb, Director Marketing Technology Strategy at Pfizer and Drupal Association Board Member kicks off  with a keynote on:

“Drupal Future: The Future Won’t Wait. Making Technology serve People through Processes and how this relates to Drupal 8 and to you!”

Free Training and Workshops at #DCM2015!

#DCM2015 Training and Workshops

Drupal-In-A-Day Workshop and Training

For: Drupal Newcomers and Students

This is for all those who are curious about the Drupal platform and want to know how to use it for their needs. This unique 1.5 day long series of workshops will give participants a rock solid foundation to build their Drupal skills, from setting up their account to actually setting up a working version of Drupal!

#DCM2015 Day 1 Special tracks for Business, Gov, Edu and more

CXO Roundtable

For: Invited heads and decision makers of premier Drupal organisations only

What's cooking for Day 2, Feb 8, at #DCM2015?

Codesprint and Hackathon at #DCM2015

Day 2, Feb 8 at #DCM2015 is chock-a-block with hands-on codesprints run by experienced coordinators and Drupal experts. It is a fantastic opportunity for developers of all skill levels to test their mettle agains their peers.

DrupalCampMumbai. Drupalers in the house! A recap.

With a fresh spring in their step, Mumbai's Drupal community and open source enthusiasts from across India gathered together for the year's first DrupalCamp in India. The region's biggest DrupalCamp till date saw over 400 registrations, with Day 1 playing host to 300+ attendees and Day 2's code sprints and hackathon witnessing 100+ participants.

DCM Event Day

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